This case study tested and complemented the MIDIR approach to implement / promote risk governance for hospital order treatment in the Federal Ministry of Health of Rhineland-Palatinate (MASGFF), Germany, partner in the MIDIR project.

The Ministry, together with the hospitals and the responsible regional administration (steering group) decided to apply the MIDIR approach for the following two across-clinic topics (project groups) with interfaces to the public:

1. Forensic aftercare (including partial release and discharge management):

  • Overview of existing Governance-Standards and open questions
  • Vitalise the MIDIR-concept, e.g. develop new procedures including stakeholder feedback
  • 1-2 workshops with stakeholder and/or experts

2. Information policy and stakeholder dialogue

  • Information policy guidelines, requirements for publicity (involving press relation officers)
  • Vitalise the MIDIR-concept, e.g. consultation of the neighbourhood on special topics
  • 1-2 workshops with stakeholder and/or existing working-groups

The case study was concluded in February 2008.

For more information, please download the Report case study forensic patients.