Frequent extreme events, climate change, heightened security, pandemic and other risks are placing increasing pressure on the resources of organisations. Governance of risk, sustainability and performance make conflicting demands. MIDIR provides a collaborative, knowledge-enabled governance methodology and tools using the “Integral” approach, addressing organisation culture, processes and results.

Governments and corporations are seeking system-wide solutions for security and for performance. MIDIR provides the ICT collaboration platform and governance framework with which to achieve these goals.

The MIDIR methodology and supporting e-management tools:

  • Are designed to deliver resilience – preparedness for the unexpected - and the infrastructure to  rapidly restore stability in the event of disruption.
  • Are a result of a systematic and comprehensive scientific review of Best Practice ensuring a rigorous foundation for governance of sustainability, resilience and performance across organisations and systems (The MIDIR partners analysed 14 risk resilience projects and initiatives to develop a comprehensive and inclusive framework and indicators for governance of  risk resilience, sustainability and performance).
  • Are suitable for collaboratively improving performance and addressing climate impact and sustainability within a resilience framework.
  • Are suitable for managing multidimensional risks repeated and interdependent across networks of government agencies and commercial supply chains.