The development of integrative models and concepts that link the different phases of risk governance from an interdisciplinary perspective can be interpreted as the overall objective for integrative approaches to risk governance. Therefore the MIDIR project has developed a “multidimensional integrative risk resilience and governance concept” in order to overbear the mentioned tendency to insularity between disciplines, to find a proper way to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity and to create resilient communities. It is based on a comprehensive investigation on the state-of-art on knowledge and methodologies applied for risk governance, having analysed existing risk governance concepts with a special focus on Europe and some input for non-European situations.

The MIDIR approach is a comprehensive risk governance concept which aims at a broad and active involvement of decision-makers at the relevant political and administrative levels and/or of stakeholders. In addition it offers a better understanding and acceptance of research by society and vice versa bringing the legitimate interests of society and single stakeholders into research and decision-making. The concept is supported by a tool that is able to monitor the performance of a risk governance process.